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March 22, 2008



The second skill link (you know the one I mean) points the same as the first.

Best of luck on this leg of the process.


I'm curious as to how you'll divide up 1200 cals a day into your meals.

I can't even imagine what that looks like - three decent sized sandwiches?

It's even more mind-boggling to me, because of the different amounts UK (2000 cals)and US (1500 cals) women are told is the guideline intake.

You'll be looking good though as you sprint passed super zombies in Las Vegas. Just make sure you wear something hard over your neck and shoulders so they can't bite you.

(I spent all of three Resident Evil films shouting just that at the telly, with my son yelling back, "For Christ's sake, Mum, it's just a bloody film!"

the slackmistress

@Damien: Fixed! Thanks for catching that.

@astro: Caloric intake is a variable thing, which is why the idea that there some fixed number for women is sorta silly. A 22-year old woman who runs four times a week is going to have different needs than a 40-year old who's sedentary. In most of the fitness/diet/weightlifting people that I know and trust (who've been mentioned in these pages) suggest 10-12 calories per pound of current bodyweight as a starting point to lose weight.

I start at the bottom range of that goal because I know from my history (remember that
I lost 60 pounds, and have kept off 40 of the 60 pounds I lost for nearly six years) that I generally have to slide it back to 8-9 calories per pound, but it works better for me to start higher and gradually cut back.

10cals x 165 pounds = 1650 calories. I'm not sure where you're getting 1200 cals from, although when I was super-lean, I was eating around 1100 calories a day. It ended up being a lot of lean protein (95% lean ground beef, chicken, canned tuna) with a lot of vegetables and a little bit of fat (nuts, olive oil) and not much else. I've got a bit more wiggle room with ~1600 calories, tho.


I can't run (I mean, I CAN, if something is chasing me--I just shouldn't make a habit of it), because of my Frankenfoot and the hip that donated the bone to form Frankenfoot, but so far I am enjoying walking with my Dork Poles. OK, so they're called "skiwalking poles," but as you might imagine from the name, you look pretty darn dorky "skiwalking," especially in rural Arkansas. But it's supposed to burn up to 40% more calories than brisk walking, and it does improve my posture and balance.

I'm doing Weight Watchers (and I weigh more than you), and so far have had good, steady weight loss at somewhere around 2400 cal/day, which is going to make it painful to cut back as I lose weight and it's no longer this easy. Hopefully, my maintenance caloric requirement, after weight is lost, will not get lower than 1500 cal/day (fingers crossed).

My mom is a skinny little lifetime WW member, and is paying for me to go. I think the biggest part of the program that I use is the actual weigh-in, because there's accountability there. I'm not journaling or counting points or all the other stuff you're supposed to do. But when the zombies come? Hopefully it will be at one of those meetings, because I could definitely be at the front of that pack--right behind my mom.

Hubby has provided me with a 20-gauge shotgun (seriously, he took his old one and sissified it, replacing the wood stock with a lightweight plastic one, adding an optical sight, etc.), and thinks that he can teach me to shoot a turkey. This should be good.


Woot! I have not had real sugar since January 21st!! Really it's not that bad and sugar-free jello cups are my only friends, ha ha.

The good = down a SOLID 40 lbs! (Water be damned!) Which since I've been bugging you forever about the whole losing weight issue ... is GREAT for me!

Now only 160 lbs to go ... fuck.


LOVE LOVE #1 disclaimers: "Me being on a diet is not a judgment on you." so very true, and so very necessary to put in.

you are my hero zombie lady who always beats me at scrabble.


Ooh, can you do pull-ups? That is my fitness dream, to be able to pull up my own body weight from a bar. Despite years of decent intensity strength training I still can't manage it :(
Good luck with your goals!



not sure if you've seen this, but

Hugs from Chicago!


I'm trying to quit sugar. But there's too much shortbread in the world and before I know it I'm eating it.

Oh, well. At least i know that the bridesmaid dress fits

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