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April 15, 2008



I've been lock blocked...
Lock picks are illegal in Maine without proof of intent.
Does the impending zombie apocalypse count?


@Caveman: You could become a locksmith.

Mazid the Raider

This is the part of exercise that people get bored with - still doing it after a couple months. Keep up the good work, Slackmistress! I feel your pain!

And perhaps climbing should be on the to-do list. Common consensus seems to be that zombies can't climb, so it could be helpful.


hey I saw this on io9 and thought you might dig it:


Hey, you've taken this thing further than most would. I'd say give yourself a good ol' pat on the back!

Besides, you're already 100% more ready for the zombie apocalypse than most people.

You should revisit WoW. Burning Crusade is completely where it's at.

Ciao for now!


My love for you has increased tenfold.
I stumbled upon this blog after writing a manifesto on my own, in an attempt to motivate myself to stop playing my undead warlock and start getting ready to survive.
"I'm constantly mentally preparing for disaster. What's the point of that if I can't shoot a gun or even a crossbow or lift half my body weight or run more than a few yards? I have been proud of my physical inadequacies for too long. I love my WoW crafted body, but it can barely support me through a raid, much less Armageddon."
Anyway, let's be soul sisters.

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