• What use does a post-apocalyptic world have for a television writer who throws amazing cocktail parties? None. The following pages will (hopefully) document my attempt to become a useful member of society in case that whole zombie thing happens. Started 1/2008, abandoned 3/2008, and back 3/2011

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May 01, 2008


Teknocrat Ben

Thanks for the hat tip I love that shirt own 2 in case one gets to zombie gooed up


Hey where are you? I only found this site yesterday but have now read everything on it. Is there an update on where you are now?
Am really excited about this project and am looking at incorporating some of it for my own uses. Maybe another PAW log? Please let me know
With honor and respect


buenisimo xD!
queremos más y más!!!

PA Movie Fan

Damn I need one of these but they don't have it any longer, they do have the "Zombie Survival Kit" though!

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